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About Me

Bob ThomasonI have been around the electronic industry all my life. My father was a well known local TV Repairman for many years.

At an early age, I began working in the family business but never desired to carry on my father’s work. Instead, I went away to college but dropped out after about two years to go to work for a local manufacturer in their drafting department.

After about five years with the manufacturer, I had an opportunity to return to work with my father and a partner who, at the time, owned a chain of TV Rental stores. A short time later, my father and his partner decided to go their separate ways and I became CEO of the newly formed company.

During the ten years that followed the TV Rental business grew rapidly to a chain of stores throughout Arkansas and Louisiana only to close its doors ten years later.

In 1990, my father encouraged me to start a programming business which later became know as SimSoft. The idea behind this business was to help small businesses with their software needs since computers were just starting to be used by small businesses. Being early in the industry meant that many times the software tools needed were simply not available and customization for specific needs was often necessary.

In 1996, SimSoft began focusing its efforts on using the internet as an additional business tool.

Today, use of the internet has become a must for any business large or small and there are many challenges that businesses face as they begin to embrace this new technology.

In an effort to maximize our efforts and the use of our knowledge, we now focus primarily in a consulting capacity with small businesses in their migration to the Internet, there are many obstacles and pitfalls in moving any business to embrace what the internet has to offer. Our job is to help a small business understand what is available to them without overspending or trying to ‘re-invent the wheel’.