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Author Archives: Bob

Soothing Music

I recently found this music attached to a youtube video.  I’ve listened to it countless times and just never get enough. I can’t seem to find the audio anywhere on the net so I’m sharing it here: Download [Audio clip: view full post to listen]

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Different Times Ahead

As we moved into a new century in 2000, we were also moving into a new economy.  An economy based more and more on communication with the growth of the internet. I believe that we have exited the industrial age and interred the internet age (or communication age). We are rapidly getting to the point … Continue reading »

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Phone Sales

B to B (Business to Business) Phone Sales We are expanding our Local Business Marketing program and are looking for someone who can work part time (2 to 4 hours per day M-F) making phone calls from our office. We will train so experience is not necessary.  You must be comfortable using the phone. We … Continue reading »

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Life Is Good

Hi, Bob Thomason, here.  Yes, this picture is my family my son, daughter, mother, and my son’s lovely wife. I’ve been an Entrepreneur now for over 30 years and owned and operated two different traditional businesses.  Businesses that consisted of employees and expensive overhead. (see About Me for more on this) A few years ago, … Continue reading »

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A Total Loss

The Piper Seneca (PA-34) was a great plain and I spent many flight hours in the plane.  As I mentioned before, a twin is faster and more reliable than the single engine I started with.  At least, that was my way of thinking and justifying the purchase. The challenge in a twin, though (or for … Continue reading »

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The Need For Speed

You would think that just owning a plane and flying when you chose (for business or pleasure) would be satisfying enough for any pilot. Not the case with me. I don’t remember how the idea got started but I found myself looking for a small twin engine plane a few short years after learning to … Continue reading »

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Off to a good start

I’ve had a passion for flying for as long as I can remember. I remember as a youngster dreaming of flying…… a bird. And, this type of dream occurred a number of time. It just seemed to be one of those thrill rides that I could not do without. I had an opportunity to fly … Continue reading »

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