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This introduction is particularly helpful if you are not familiar with Ester Hick's work with Abraham.I've studied her work extensively and it always resonates with me.
This is an interesting discussion on receiving more money.
An interesting overview of the Teachings of Abraham.
An interesting way to change old beliefs. It's simple but not always easy and that is because of our focus.
The power of focus. This video really targets the power of focus and the reason to achieve it without a feeling of guilt. It's important to please yourself without do so at someone else's expense.
The power of focusing on something for 17 seconds.  This may require that you watch this video a number of times for the information to fully soak in.
This guy has developed some specifics that have worked for him. These are things that Abraham has talked about many times and this guy finally Gets It! and shares his experience.
In this video, Abraham discusses a situation of severe physical abuse. Listen closely as the answer is very powerful.  It's an important point to really understand.