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Dr. Wayne Dyer

Dr. Dyer is one of my favorites to watch. He's very smooth in his delivery yet the information is powerful.I you are not familiar with him, then his video should be a good start.In all of his videos his them is that You were created to be great. You just have to find your passion and live life on Your terms rather that of someone else.In this video, titled "Attitude is everything", he does a good job of explaining his background and why your attitude is so very important to your life.
(Length 34.03)
This is an interview with Oprah in which he speaks about the Tao. Now she refers to it as a religion but it's not a religion. It's merely a way of thinking and acting (or being).
(Length: 42:00)
This is a clip from the movie "The Shift." It does a very good job of explaining how to use our mind and abilities.
(Length: 11:23)
"The Shift" full length version. I've seen this a couple of times as of this writing and really enjoy the store and the way it's presented.
(Length: 2:00:50)